Sunday, October 9, 2011

Solid Foundations: Structured Family Schedules

I am a single mother of 3 beautiful children. 2 sons, 14 and 6, my daughter is 5 going on 30. Like many women, I juggle family,work and personal life (Ha! tiring to find one). My children are the light of my life and I am always working on becoming a better role model. 

I want to give them a solid foundation so they can be successful in life. I believe children should have structure and positive role models. As parents we are the first influences in their lives and the older they get the more influences they have (whether we like it or not!). We would be crazy to believe that our children will only look to us for guidance, but it all starts with us. 

We lay the foundation of morals, discipline, and structure not by what we say but what we do. Yeah I said it! by WHAT WE DO. Honey..... Know that I am talking to myself too. I am the QUEEN of inconsistency and it truly reflects in my parenting as well.Therefore, I want my kids to do what I say not what I do. My personal struggle with being inconsistent has not only gotten my kids on the same path but allows them to get over in so many ways. (Hey I am working on it, the first step to change is with acceptance :-) )

I really want to have a home with structure. I have set weekly schedules to structure time for studies, chores, family and free time. There are some great online resources I have found. (here is one I really like 5 Easy Steps to a Daily Family Schedule ) Once I check my 14 year old's attitude for thinking he doesn't need a structured schedule like the babies, I have them on track for a WHOLE week or two. The days when life gets the best of me and I come in drained from work, I slack off of ensuring they are sticking to their schedule, and so do they. Then I become frustrated when my household becomes out of order.What do I do then? Fuss at them for not doing what they are suppose too. I know it's a shame, I'm not perfect! Having ADHD my case is a bit more severe but I KNOW I am not alone. 

I realize I have to get it together so i can be the example of what i am tiring to instill in them . My children knows all to well that mommy struggles with being inconsistent. I remind them that although I may slack off with making sure they stick to their schedule, (I realize I have allowed things to get out control) I will reel it back it because it will train them to be responsible and organized adults.

I know the importance of, and how to set a structured schedule for my family. Staying consistent is my struggle but i owe it to my children to always get back on track. Hey! That's another lesson for them to learn, Never Giving Up.

Happy Parenting.....

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  1. Congrats on holding it down. You are constantly growing and figuring out ways to improve everything for your babies and for that, I commend you.