Monday, October 10, 2011

Hair Management

We know how sista's feel about our hair! If our hair is not looking right it puts a damper on our mood and self -esteem. No matter how distinct our facial features my be, our hair can give us many different looks. That is the beauty of the texture of our hair. Hair for black women mean so different things to so many of us. I read an article Black Women's Hairstyles: It's Not Just About The Hair and was a reality check for me on what hair means to black women past & present. If you have not seen Chris Rock's movie Good Hair you nee to check it out. It left me proud to be perm free.

My family often reminds me that I was bald until I was three years old and when it started growing it seemed like it wouldn't stop. As a teen I love to stay in my hair and I came up with the most creative styles. I never allowed the length of my hair go to my head and  
Ohhhh! I couldn't stand females who acted like they were better cause their hair was long and don't let it be a weave! Those were the worst, cause they were the main ones constantly swinging they hair. (ok! snapping back). Once upon a time I use to get my hair done at the shop every two weeks. I had a great stylist Rhona, no matter how bad I wanted a perm she refused to give me one. She took pride in working with untreated hair and when she was done people would swear I had gotten one. I remember I wanted her to cut my hair into a bob, she thought I was crazy. Well, I wore her down after months she gave me the bob but she refused to cut the back. I loved how it turned out. Since I became a mom I just couldn't afford to go to the shop. Rhona was my last beautician and that was over 12 years ago. Since then have been doing my own hair. That has been  and continues to be a journey. I could not get my hair as straight as she could and when i became so frustrated with the thickness and unmanageable edges I would get depressed I would cry. Then I turned to the all mighty perm, and that was a disaster since I was doing it myself. My hair stared to fall out and I gave up. s
So I have been perm free for about 10 years now. I am grateful for flat Irons and the wrap but I still she frustrated with my hair.

I remember when I had my daughter I went out and started building her collections of hair accessories. I assumed she would have hair like mine. NOT! Not only did it take over three years before I could put pony tails in her hair but she has a total different grade of hair. If you get moisture anywhere near my hair and my du is thru. If she does not have moisture on her's it looks like  her hair hasn't  been combed in a week.  It took me a while to get it together for her too...

Check our our Hair Journal.

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