Sunday, September 30, 2012

Teenage Blues

I always knew that parenting would be challenging and teenagers could give you the blues. I never knew that your children could hurt you down to your soul. It can be hard enough rising a son being a single mom but when you are not only up against a rebelling teen but the other parent and their family doing all they can to turn your child against you, that makes things so much harder. The fight to raise a young man is hard enough. Teaching morels and setting boundaries now seems to be a stressful environment and a enough to convenience the child to leave the parent who is creating such and environment. I am fighting to hold on to a relationship with my child while his paternal side continues to convince him life would be better with them.

I know that children take divorce hard and look for one particular parent to blame. So what do you do when you are the parent who ends up being the blame for the break up of the family? I am looking for that answer. I thought after three years we were getting passed that and finally getting on the right road. So here we go again! I must leave it all up to the Lord and continue to be strong.

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